NicFree Disposable Cigarette Filters

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    NicFree Disposable Cigarette Filters
                 20 packs (each individual pack contains 30 filters)

                       Total:  600 Filters
    3 Reasons to use Nicfree:

    Traps Tar and Nicotine:
    NICFREE traps most of the tar and nicotine in smoke, without compromising the  flavor of your favorite cigarettes.

    Technologically Advanced:
    Most of the disposable cigarette filters currently on the market utilize similar  technologies. However, NICFREE is the technologically advanced one. 

    Prevents morning cough:
    If you use NICFREE regularly it will prevent daily morning cough after 3 weeks. 

    NICFREE: The New Hi-Tech  Cigarette Filter.

    Smoking cigarettes is much safer with NICFREE now. 

    Delightmarket released the  latest-technology NICFREE disposable cigarette filter which reduces the risk of smoking. 

    There are many different  brands in the disposable cigarette filter market today but most producers  utilize similar technologies. In order to be able to offer smokers the most advanced and most effective disposable cigarette filter we have developed a special filter, NICFREE. This special filter traps most of the tar and nicotine in the cigarette smoke while you enjoy the full, unchanged flavor of your favorite cigarettes.